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January 14, 2024

Orbis Project Showcase Ignites Innovation

On Friday, January 5, 2024, Orbis opened its doors to an array of local businesses, providing a platform for the exhibition of 50 diverse projects presented in two distinct blocks. The event not only celebrated entrepreneurial spirit but also facilitated connections between student innovators and seasoned members of the business community.

One standout project involved the creation of a year-long content calendar for the Uptown Ankeny group. This innovative approach aimed to streamline social media management, eliminating guesswork and introducing a scheduling platform with budget considerations. Speaking with the brains behind this initiative revealed a dedication to enhancing online presence and fostering effective communication.

Claire Linn, an Ankeny alumna, shared her motivation behind the inception of the project showcase idea. Her vision was to provide students with an opportunity to present their ideas to the community, attracting new businesses and expanding exposure. Research efforts focused on connecting with agricultural and trade companies, amplifying their presence in this unique showcase. Tyler Sparks, another Ankeny alumnus, emphasized the significance of word-of-mouth promotion for student innovators. His belief in the mutual growth of students and businesses underscored the importance of community engagement.

Another noteworthy project, aptly named Busy Bees, took a hands-on approach to problem-solving. The group delved into on-site research, addressing a space-related challenge faced by Sweet Endeavors, a local honey business. By personally visiting the site and collaborating with the business owner, the team crafted scalable plans and recommended optimal supplies to enhance operational efficiency.

The Orbis project showcase not only unveiled inventive solutions but also highlighted the collaborative spirit of Ankeny’s entrepreneurial community. Through firsthand experiences and strategic initiatives, these student entrepreneurs demonstrated their commitment to driving positive change.




The event was captured by Evie Neller of EN Studios LLC, providing a visual narrative to complement the innovative stories shared at Orbis.